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2021-03-30 - Christophe Schweizer: Stream

2020 christophe schweizer streamThe composer and trombonist Christophe Schweizer ( 1968) was described as "one of the greats of our time on his instrument". Born in Switzerland, he lived in New York for ten years, where he performed with such as: Mingus Big Band, Lee Konitz, Steve Swallow and gave concerts with the concert jazz band George Gruntz. And drummer William "Billy" Hart is probably the most influential companion in bands in recent jazz history. Hart's list of partners has been the "who's who" of modern jazz for more than five decades. For his 80th birthday, the album Stream was released, on which he accompanies and drives four friends as energetically as ever. The group, which gathers around Hart, was initiated by trombonist Christophe Schweizer. The birthday team originally included saxophonist and longtime accompanist Billy Hart Johannes Enders. Enders made room for his colleague Sebastian Gille ( 1986) due to illness. With Pablo Heldom ( 1986), one of the key figures in contemporary German jazz playing the piano, and Joris Teep ( 1962), who plays the double bass, the band is formed into a quintet. The Stream album contains nine compositions and, with one exception, they are all from the band members. On the Stream album, Christophe Schweizer connects old and new musical partners with Billy Hart, who has been his mentor for more than 28 years. The music created in this constellation is timeless beauty, breathtakingly modern and emotional, full of diversity and energy - these are all attributes that relate to the creative work and spirit of the band drummer, who had a beautiful 80 years on November 29, 2020. With this recording, Christophe Schweizer celebrates the artistic mission of drummer Billy Hart!

Christophe Schweizer - trombone
Sebastian Gille - tenor and soprano saxophone
Pablo Held - piano
Joris Teepe - double bass
Billy Hart - percussion