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Corona-crisis Videos

To deal with the lockdown I’ve been recording videos with various friends around the world.

Drummer Steve Johns arranged the tune “I Remember You”, with Joris Teepe (bass) and Ben Sher (guitar)

Tune played: I Remember You

New York pianist Michael Cochrane and New Jersey based drummer Steve Johns.

Tune played: Song for my Father

With New York pianist John DiMartino.

Tune played: For All We Know

In Ohio: Vanessa Rubin (voc)
In New Jersey: Don Braden (sax)
In Austria: Renato Chicco (piano/organ)
In The Netherlands: Joris Teepe (bass)
In Russia: Eugene Riaboj (drums)

Tunes played: (1) Moonglow, (2) Are You Ready For Me.

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